Bruce Rubenstein

"My paintings, like my life, consists of many layers. As long as I’m still breathing, I’ll have something to say. Cherish every day as if it is your last. The human race is in a lot of trouble. Pray for peace. “

Born and raised in New York, Bruce Rubenstein is a Los Angeles based storyteller and artist, who specializes in large scale abstract paintings. Consisting of strong, organic compositions, Bruce’s work is inspired by abstract expressionism and cubism; manifesting a boundless exploration of form and subtle hints of figures and symbols. His contemporary style defies categorization, driven by forces of spirituality and feelings. Vismaya has collaborated with the artist owing to his natural ability to tell stories through art. Through our one of a kind collection of scarves and other lifestyle products, we wish to inspire you to tell your own wonder story- with eclectic styles and honest self-expression.