Wendy Stillman

“My work consists of self created worlds that reflect my life story. I populate the canvas with bright colors, figures, X’s and tribal patterns, to bridge my many influences. The X symbol anchors my cultural reference to a specific time and the experiences of my generation. Through layers of paint I allow figures and symbols to move in and out of my work, taking the viewer on an adventure and hopefully sharing my perspective.”

We want to showcase how individuality and art can come together to combine wonderfully unique products. Vismaya has chosen to collaborate with Wendy because she truly embodies this ideology. Her art perfectly complements the type of energy and style we want to project with our brand. This collaboration is especially meaningful because Wendy is a local artist here in Manhattan Beach, CA. Vismaya truly believes in supporting local artists and giving them the opportunity to share their work through a different medium. Wendy has graced some of our scarves and bandanas with her unique style and artistic touch which are now available on our online store.