About Us

Vismaya, a brand for women’s scarves, bandanas, and wearables is firmly rooted in its history and perpetually inspired by the unique wonder within each woman. Family owned and operated, the brand’s name means wonder of life and our aim is to create products that inspire that feeling.  

“We selected the name Vismaya because we wanted to create something beautiful, wonderful, and unique - a brand that speaks of wonders,” said Shivani, Founder and CEO of Vismaya. As of 2023, Vismaya is certified as a women-owned business and a proud member of the WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise Council.) 

Creating beautiful accessories for women is a rich part of the family legacy passed down from their father and grandfather. The co-founders feel this history is their best asset and are proud of their heritage. From careful selection of the right yarn to hand-picked colors, the duo pays close attention to every detail.


Vismaya is known for hand-printing and digitally enlarged printing, and using fabrication best practices to create high-quality yet affordable accessories. The brand’s production facility maintains age-old craftsmanship, and designers ensure that these techniques are complemented by technologically advanced processes.

It is a constant endeavor to evolve our processes to be more sustainable and ensure they have the least negative impact on the environment. Vismaya’s goal is to deliver high-quality, earth conscious products at a fair price.
Vismaya is committed to our mission of doing well by doing good, and are always searching for ways to positively impact the community through Vismaya. Our designs not only reflect the poise and elegance of our ideals, but are always ahead of the ever-changing fashion landscape. 

We sincerely believe that what sets us apart as a company is that we are creative, thoughtful and always there for our customers and our community. We do not measure profits in the number of units we sell, rather in the number of feelings and experiences we share. Vismaya is so much more than a collection of wearables and accessories - it's a lifestyle. It's a brand about finding wonder, even in the quiet, everyday moments. We can't wait for you to experience Vismaya.

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