A feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.
At Vismaya , our aim is to bring you closer to products that speak of high quality, are design focused, but more importantly, have meaning and history. Everything we imagine and design in our ateliers is based on careful research, ethical sourcing and a desire to ultimately create something memorable and wonderful, just like the wearer’s personality. Remaining mindful of the above at every step, the products honour our multi-generational legacy and at the same time are suitable for global sensibilities.


We understand the pulse of the new-age consumer. Living in a connected world where everything is within their reach, they crave for products that have an emotional stake, that foster a sense of community and belonging, something to complement their personality, and what they aspire to wear time and again. So even though our colours and silhouettes shift, our collections retain a strong art connect and are anchored by a commitment to create collectibles that withstand the test of time – and trends.


Our collection of exclusive offerings includes scarves and wraps that reflect the full colour spectrum, leisure wear such as kimonos, bandanas and beach wraps, as well as lifestyle essentials like totes, vanity bags and hair accessories that celebrate individuality- each product the result of collaboration between many minds and hands.

“For us the backstory needs to be as compelling as the finished product and each product needs to have a personality of its own".

Siblings and co-founders, Shivani & Yatin are third generation creatives who have inherited a cosmopolitan bearing that exists alongside a multi-cultural value system and ethics.

With an aspiration to be better than great and less than perfect, they have raised and graced a brand that celebrates the wonders within each individual.