Vismaya Sustainability and Commitment

Our vision and mission

Vismaya is firmly rooted in its history and perpetually inspired by the unique wonder within each individual. We are committed to using that inspiration to create unique, earth conscious, and high quality products at a fair price. We firmly remain committed to our goal of doing well by doing good - always searching for new ways to use this business as a means to positively impact the communities we work in.

What Vismaya is doing right:

1) Pushing its supply chain and partner factory to evolve its processes to make them more sustainable with least negative impact on the environment, to obtain a carbon positive footprint. It ensures its partner factory is annually audited as per SedEx standards.

2) The factory used by Vismaya is recycling 20% water through a new water treatment system with the aim to be able to recycle 70% in the next five years.

3) Partner factory has switched over from diesel to natural gas for their energy needs to fuel the manufacturing processes. Natural gas results in 20% lower greenhouse gas emissions than diesel. The factory also has an aggressive target to derive 30% of its power needs from an onsite solar project in the next 3 years.

4) Vismaya is targeting to switch majority of its summer collections to be made from organic cotton and is exploring into recycled materials like recycled wool, recycled cotton and polyester to create its winter collections.

5) Ability to make short run production runs to avoid overproduction, and reduce negative impact.

Give back

1) Vismaya aims at giving back to the community by collaborating with Artists and provide them an alternative medium to sell their art and spread their community message.

2) Work with and donate funds to NGOs like Give India to channel funds to causes that are pressing needs of the society, for instance our last campaign was to donate % of our online sales to help secure much needed life saving medical equipment during the peak of second covid wave in India.

We plan to initiate many such projects in the future where part of our proceeds will be donated to reach out to many causes that need community support and attention.