We are committed to making our website accessible to all of our visitors. We are currently working to ensure our site follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level A and AA Success Criteria.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the accessibility of our site, please reach out to us through email at info@vismayalife.com or phone at 1-888-VISMAYA (1-888-847-6292) so that we can help accommodate any accessibility issues you may be experiencing.

How are we making vismayacollection.com accessible?
Our Vismaya team strives to ensure www.vismaya.com is in compliance with accessibility laws and guidelines. Our team is filled with professionals who are dedicated to making all of our online experiences the best they can be, and we engage with vendors to identify areas that need improvement.

A note on third party content
Along with our website, we link to third party sites (such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) and may also include or embed third party content to share information and promotional content.

We cannot control or correct problems with these third-party sites, but please let us know if you encounter difficulty with the sites we link to so we can pass the information along to the respective team of those websites. You may also want to address your concerns directly to these third parties.
Below are the publicly available Accessibility Policies of the third-party sites we may use:
Facebook: Click here for Facebook Help Center regarding accessibility
Google: Click here for Google's statement on accessibility
YouTube: Click here for information on using YouTube with a screen reader
Instagram: Click here for Instagram Help Center regarding accessibility
Vimeo: Click here for Accessibility Information on the new Vimeo player